Bitch troll Anyder, get away from our community. You've been banned from SWBFSpy & stupid nazi faggot.

Led the poodoo troll is banned from SWBFSpy too and also needs to fuck off. GTFO piece of shit tyrant bitch BucklerFitsTroll.

Everyone beware LedTroll Crashes Empty Servers and is going around on a SucklerFits crashing spree with DDoS attacks and trying to frame others for his hostility.
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ledtroll suffers from pathological psychosis, along with the rest of his brainwashed cult of nazi trolls. its funny to watch mentally unstable trainwrecks such as ledtroll anydertroll gistroll and dylanrocketroll (and those inbred nolife waste of oxygen faggots Ahou/ZyymaticTroll gdh92troll and Bajingus/GuillermoTroll ) fail so hard at hijacking my creations and spamming their pathetic jealous lies about me.
[FC] is infinitely more important than SpamyderTroll's & NaziLamers' delusions, and I will keep SWBFSpy running for many years.

ledtroll's mental disorders causing paranoid hallucinations of tor/openvpn
i dont use malware like that crap and i dont visit his troll site, what a sad moron with such extreme mental illness he comes up with any stupid shit and lies to people for no reason than to think he looks smart, but he looks really dumb, as I know TOR is not safe to use, and neither is ledtrolls shitty nazi spam site. awwwww, ledtroll still misses me! thats why he's pretending that i go to his site with openVPN, and spams fake BS threads like a dumbass. That's bucklerfits for ya, the biggest spambot poodoo tyrant of SWBF! He's gotta waste thousands of dollars on his worthless BS ego-stroke troll spam in order to feel "relevant". Couldn't even come up with his own 7 character name, had to try to steal mine, what a soycuck peewee troll.

- Ahou/Zyzzmatic is the worst waste of oxygen cancerous scumbag to ever pollute the country Bulgaria. His sad inbred parents regret not aborting that pathetic sad creature, weak failed joke of an organism with no life, an ugly scumtroll shiteating coward sad excuse of an existence that dwells in basement 24/7 like a butthurt poser faggot. And the exact same thing can be said of gdh92 and other nazi lamer trolls. Ignore that piece of shit ahou faggot loser bitch and the piece of shit "gay douchebag huso 92" who spams shitty fake sites full of viruses all over steam like a nolife coward troll

Be sure to avoid gamebanana, moddb, yolasite, 000webhost, swbfgamers, and gametoast, they are all BANNED nazitroll malware spam sites full of keyloggers and butthurt plagiarist lying scumbags.
Phobos invented custom campaign mods for SWBF in 2013, and released a public builder tool in 2020. Ignore the envious nazilamer trolls trying to steal credit for ZeroBuilder,
join SWBFmodders where we are still inventing epic new mods and tools! ZeroFront is the #1 mod of all time for Star Wars Battlefront, and the source code ZeroBuilder which contains all the #1 modding and hacking tools,
all created by Phobos and/or Pandemic. ZeroFront is such an epic mod, all the banned plagiarist trolls get butthurt and triggered over how amazing it is, and how much better Phobos is at modding SWBF than they will ever be.
ZeroBuilder is the greatest SWBF mod tool of all time, it's no surprise that the oxygen wasting inbred tyrants spreading lies about us with NO PROOF are trying to censor and plagiarize Phobos' contributions!
Phobos made such an epic campaign builder and generously shared it publicly, the TRIGGERED NOLIFE SCUM NAZI COWARDS like trolldb and trollbanana just can't get over it! HAHA
Pieces of poop who powertrip and spread unsubstantiated lies about us are not welcome in our community of Battlefront modders. TrollBanana and their broken SpamBot have been trashed and banned.
Anyder's troll cult of failed fags got banned from SWBFSpy.

oh look, it's PhanTrump gloating about his attempts to hijack Phobos' creations!:

Led Nazi Has Bad Form Spewing Lies
LedTroll got triggered yet again over SWBF mods! Modding is very interesting but it's not practical for him since he's too stupid to learn how.
It's not considered bad form for modders to include the work of others as long as there's credit and permission, which all of my mods have.
If it was bad form, there wouldn't even be any mod tools, and nobody would be able to work on mods together in a group -- ignore ledtroll -- he just wants to kill SWBF but can't.
LedTroll has bad form to spew more lies about mods, insulting the modders still left creating maps due to his weak jealousy. #LedNaziHasBadFormSpewingLies
BucklerFits has even more hypocritical bad form to say your files can't include the work of others -- yet he's including my mods on his shitty fake website without my permission.
Apparently ledtroll hasn't moved on to anything bigger or better than insulting mods and the people who build them. It's been 15 years of bucklerfits trolling others he's jealous of!
Phobos has moved on to create new boundary-pushing mods in the game as well as tons of mods for newer games -- Phobos is intelligent and creative, unlike ledtroll the poser.
I am sure that many programmers learned a lot from LUA modding for this game, especially Phobos. Whereas idiots such as ledtroll learned nothing and have created nothing. Sucks for that moron haha :cheers:

Q - Hi Phobos I'm new to SWBF modding. Who is "ledtroll" and why was he banned from SWBF?
A - You can see the entire history on our SWBFSpy Info Community page, to briefly summarize though, LedTroll (along with AnyderTroll, PhantomTroll, GistechTroll, and many more) is a psychotic tyrant nolife nazi who got banned for trying to hijack my SWBFSpy project, attempting to censor my contributions, assisting others with trying to steal credit for my creations, crashing our servers and spamming lies about me, among many other hostile actions he's taken over the years towards myself and the [FC] clan. That pathetic scumbag knows I've always helped others with SWBF modding more than anyone, and so in Summer 2017 ledtroll got so triggered and jealous he tried to stop my "ability" to continue providing answers for SWBF modders who have questions, but he failed EPICLY and got banned as a result. He thought that by stopping me from posting on his fake spam site, that would give his mentally ill poser cult members more chances to plagiarize my answers, but in fact this backfired -- ledtroll and all the other trolls in his nazi cult all got banned from the SWBF community forums so they can't post here ever again, and my answers became even more helpful and detailed than they were before, and actually posted on a real SWBF forum (SWBFModders). Not only am I helping modders with all kinds of questions those retards don't understand, and exposing the trolls who try to steal credit for my answers, I'm constantly pushing the game way beyond the limitations anyone else ever imagined. A lot of triggered trolls and mad tyrants got upset that I became the best player and the best modder for SWBF1 -- and they're still jealous to this day, living in their own insane fantasy world of mentally ill delusions and always trying to steal credit for my previous/current contributions -- ledtroll and the rest of his cult are simply unable to get over the fact I'm creating more innovations every week for SWBF than they ever could in 10 years, rofl, they will NEVER have the edge that Phobos & SWBFModders has! :cheers:

Phobos is a true SWBF historian, who's been playing since 2005 and modding since 2009. Be sure to ignore the spambot poser known as MichaelUjwaryTroll, a fake historian attempting to distort the true history of the game, he's a shill troll, and he was never there for all those years supporting the community like Phobos was. Phobos has done more for SWBF than anyone, even psych0fred. Basically, MUJTroll is one of the latest ledtroll cult nazis to crawl out of the woodwork, nothing he says is relevant to SWBF history. I have infinite more knowledge and experience at SWBF than him and I've been playing online multiplayer for it since 2005. True history @ +

LedTrollTriggered@11/28-3:39pm!!! & LedTrollTriggered@4/20-10:00am!!!
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LedTrollStillCrashesEmptyServers & PhobosKeepsSWBFAlive--LedTrollDoesnt
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