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multiple banned IPs-- we can do this all week. This ban is not set to expire. Not even in a million years. It means that literally, those listed here are no longer part of the SWBF community for trying to kill it, and trying to steal credit for the inventions & contributions of our community staff. The weak "lamer trolls" nazi regime (with Led & Anyder as delusional dictator tyrants with severe mental disorders) has failed to kill SWBFSpy and SWBFmodders, and they have FAILED to kill Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2, and TWD Battlefront, despite their cowardly malicious attempts to. And much more importantly, has succeeded in keeping these games alive ever since 2012 when GameSpy shut down, and for many more years to come! If you are not one of the trolls named in the list above, then your IP is too similar to one of them who are banned, and you must contact Phobos on steam to have it fixed. There is also the possibility that you are still a troll, who just has not exposed themself yet as being one. Once you do however, rest assured your name will be added!