Author Topic: Active Boards Launch & Board Cleanup  (Read 29 times)

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Active Boards Launch & Board Cleanup
« on: August 04, 2017, 02:35:10 PM »
Hi SWBFmodders,

I have opened this active board for active mod projects and added proper moderators for the whole forum. Chief among them is The Walking Dead Battlefront -- If you can't access the newer mod builds, just remember that is a necessary consequence for too many LamerTrolls trying to censor this epic mod and pretend that it's inactive. Lmao yeah, it's about as inactive as "the sun shining over the Earth" :-*
Members of SWBFmodders have access to all builds v0.95 and beyond. TWDBF is the most active SWBF mod project ever built :cheers:

I'll also be cleaning up all future reposted threads and removing any "troll posts" such as those of hostilities from other (fake) SWBF forums.

Quote from: Led
I am no longer involved in modding
Let's be honest here, Led never was involved in any significant modding projects. The most that poser ever learned was how to script mission LUA, and copy/paste the tutorials written by others.

Notice how all the haters trolling and trying to censor my contributions, never made even 1% as much as I did for the community. Jealousy and ignorance combined can get pretty ugly. Just look at the PLAgiarist tyrants Led & Anyder for proof of that.
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