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SWBFSpy Historical Timeline
« on: August 08, 2017, 07:01:57 PM »

- Phobos & Wolf creating the SWBFspy project in Sep 2013
- SleepKiller trying to steal credit for the name in Dec 2013

- Phobos mentioning the SWBFspy name & project on SWBFlamers
- Led and Anyder stealing/PLAgiarizing the project from Phobos by registering the FAKE domain and FAKE steam group
- Phobos creating the original EXE hex edits
- Anyder trying to discredit Phobos for the hex edits and tried to credit himself for it instead

- Phobos asking Led to honor his agreement to "help set up a clone of the MS for testing improvements to the code"
- Led saying he can't do that and that JediKiller won't help either
- Phobos donates to Led's MS and decides to work on the improved MS without Led's help
- Phobos asking Led & Anyder to work together on improving the MS with all 3 of us as admins
- Anyder not listing Phobos as admin or even a contributor/donator on his FAKEspy pages due to jealousy
- Phobos creating the real SWBFspy pages and being listed as admin while removing Led & Anyder from the project
- Anyder banning Phobos from Led's game servers
- Phobos banning Anyder from the [FC] clan and game servers
- Anyder creating the FAKEspy info website
- Anyder removing the game servers of Phobos from his FAKEspy community pages
- Phobos registering SWBFModders and the real SWBFspy domains and creating the SWBFspy info website
- Phobos removing Anyder's fake game servers from the SWBFspy community pages
- Led & Anyder ban Phobos and his VPS from the FAKEspy ms and also ban Phobos from the swbfLamers community
- Phobos bans Led & Anyder and their VPS servers from the SWBFspy MS and also bans Led & Anyder from the SWBFModders community
- Anyder and Led encourage others to spread their lies and begin discrediting Phobos for various mods and community contributions
- Phobos exposes the lies of Anyder and Led along with their ignorant minions by spreading the truth of his mods and community contributions
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